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Monador Automatic Door Systems

Founded in 1988, Monador Automatic Door Systems Industry and Trade Inc. has been a pioneer in engaging potential and demand of automatic door market in our country, and laid the foundation of this market in Turkey as a market leader.


Continuing to follow the technological innovations in its sector, our company carries on its activities by prioritizing the continuity of our corporate understanding that attaches importance to quality and safety.

With this understanding, we have been proud of the fact that the automatic sliding, revolving and security pedestrian gates, which we have been installing since 1988, continue to serve for many years.


As a result of the gained experience and knowledge via our sales and after-sales service and maintenance network, it is ensured that our products, which are already highly technologically equipped, are able to serve smoothly.

We successfully provide our services in the countries where we are the regional centers such as Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Iraq.


We continue our activities by increasing the quality of our services in the sector as a result of our joint works with the brands that use the leading technologies with proven quality. We possess pride and trust of ensuring the continuity of our leading position in the market.

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