Automatic Sliding Doors

The standard single and double-wing sliding door models of automatic sliding doors, which are the most frequently encountered in our daily lives, are offered to you as a highly comfortable and long-lasting automatic sliding door mechanisms thanks to the excellent mechanics and electronic engineering knowledge produced by the Swiss quality brand Gilgen.

With the help of experienced Gilgen engineering, the microprocessor-embedded door, which is manufactured in accordance with the needs of mechanical equipment, ensures maximum efficiency of your door and allows you to use ideal mobility and brake distances at the highest comfort level. Monador Automatic Door Systems, according to your wishes, transparent, colored, reflective, solar or combined features laminated, tempered or laminated + tempered glass and special brush. Gasket structure provides a perfect insulation of the aluminum profile systems, electrostatic powder paint (RAL standards) or anodizing Automatic sliding doors are produced by making them suitable for all kinds of needs and tastes with coloring techniques.

Standard one-way automatic sliding doors

Depending on the situation, it can be formed from a fixed wing on which a sliding wing opens to the right or left, opening within the system integrity, and can be applied on the existing walls, showcases or facades without opening on a fixed wing in more limited areas. The minimum opening distance of single leaf standard automatic sliding door systems is 700mm and the maximum opening distance is 3000mm.

Standard automatic sliding doors that open in two directions:

They are automatic door systems that slide onto their own fixed or existing facades synchronously to the left and right. The symmetrical stance and the distance to be opened in a double direction to provide a series of opening double-wing sliding doors make it a priority choice in all situations where there is no application difficulties. The minimum passage width that can be provided by the double wing standard automatic sliding door system can be 800mm – the maximum opening distance can be 3000mm.



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