Round Automatic Sliding Doors

Curved sliding door systems known as circular or curved automatic doors. It can be preferred as full circle, semicircle or arc shape, concave and convex depending on the application.

Monador circular automatic sliding doors offer you unlimited freedom in your curved facades or curved door designs. It is possible to produce concave, convex or full circular applications at any radius you need. Thanks to the vertical active infared safety sensors hidden inside the mechanism, the entire movement area of ​​the wings is secured. As with all Gilgen models, the circular sliding door is an elite product that is built with high levels of durability and aesthetic concerns. Depending on your request, a wide variety of surface finishes such as electrostatic powder coating, anodizing coloring techniques or stainless steel in RAL standards can be applied to your door. Laminated or tempered glass safety glasses can be used as wing fillers.

Arc-shaped circular automatic sliding door applications:

They are the doors that are completed in the size of the one-to-one gap and complete the gaps left in the facades with large radius. It is possible to apply in both directions or unidirectional, fixed or dynamic.


Semi-circular automatic sliding door applications:

Semi-circular automatic sliding doors, which can be used as a complement to a curved facade or to create a concave or convex entrance on a flat facade, can be manufactured in various radius and provide rich solution possibilities


Full Circular Automatic Sliding Door Applications:

In a structure suitable for use in buildings with high circulation pedestrian traffic, full circular sliding doors with double doors base, ceiling structure is a total aesthetic solution in almost every building with a wide doorway in the whole of fixed and dynamic wings.



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