Magnetic Sliding Door

Monador M4 magnetic sliding doors utilize a linear magnetic drive motor system that disrupts conventional expectations and elevates the technology to an elite level, similar to the motor systems used in almost every electric device that incorporates a motor. The global awareness of this application primarily stems from the working principle of the world’s fastest train, the Maglev, used in Japan. While the minimal structure of the mechanism body does not limit your design freedom, its magnetic linear motion working principle allows you to flawlessly implement architectural environments requiring high levels of silence.

Design Freedom

The Monador magnetic sliding door offers a revolutionary innovation in the dimensions of the mechanism body. With a body height of only 6 cm and a depth of 7 cm, the M4 magnetic sliding door mechanism can be recessed into a narrow wall in corridors or hidden in a very tight ceiling space. The magnetic sliding door leaves can be stylishly matched with various materials such as glass, aluminum, and wood, perfectly fitting into any environment.

Extra Silence

Ideal for architectural spaces requiring extra silence, such as offices, hospitals, hotels, and residential interiors, Monador M4 magnetic sliding doors reduce friction noise to a minimum level through magnetic sliding technology, unlike traditional doors. This is achieved with a linear magnetic motion DC motor.

High Security

The Monador magnetic sliding door is sensitive to the slightest touch when operating in low energy mode, thanks to its e-motion feature. The “soft motion” technology stops the leaf at the slightest contact, preventing any damage to you. For extra security, safety sensors can also be connected to the door. Monador magnetic sliding doors can be used with all types of activation devices and have been tested and certified according to the DIN 18650/EN16005 safety quality standards.

Long-lasting and Low Cost

Thanks to the simplicity of the technology developed for magnetic doors, the absence of belts, pulleys, reduction gears, and other mechanical components in magnetic sliding doors reduces the need for frequent maintenance and part replacement, ensuring low maintenance costs throughout their use.



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