Orbit Trisens Revolving-Sliding Door

The Orbit TriSens is like no other entrance seen before. This generous three-winged entrance provides the latest technology, premium minimalistic design with energy savings and user experience at its heart. Ideal for use in areas with a high footfall of pedestrian traffic or where large objects need to be transported through an entrance.

The Orbit TriSens is engineered with the flexibility to adapt to its surroundings and provide users with the most welcoming and carefree experience when entering a building. This substantial entrance solution boasts signature seamless glazed drum walls  – fashioned into two iconic entrance portals that have been engineered to reflect and blend with the surrounding aesthetics.

With Boon Edam’s nearly 150 years of experience designing and crafting revolving doors and having carefully studied the behaviour of people and buildings, we present the next generation entry solution with the Orbit TriSens revolving-sliding door.


Flexible Door Wing Configurations

  1. Revolving Door Mode
  2. Sliding Door Mode
  3. Accessibility Mode – Slow Revolving
  4. Accessibility Mode – Sliding Door
  5. Escape Mode
  6. Open Mode
  7. Large Object Mode


Orbit Trisens Features:

  • Premium minimalist design
  • Integrated sliding doors offering multiple operating modes
  • Full-height curved glazed walls
  • LED illuminated recognisable entrance portal
  • Traffic signalling to influence user flow
  • “Floating” canopy
  • Seamless joints and small trims around the glass
  • Concealed doorset top rails
  • Seamlessly integrated touchscreen control panel
  • Air curtain preparation with a veiled grid in the ceiling
  • Adjustable circular ceiling lighting
  • Integrated internal shield door (night-locking)


Safety and Security

When access needs to be controlled, the mode of the entrance can be adjusted to serve off-peak and out-of-hours users. For off-peak hours the door can operate as one-directional or as a sliding entrance, giving the impression that the building is about to be closed.

A sleek and fully integrated Shield door provides automatic and scheduled night locking. This burgular -resistant (Class 3, EN1627) curved sliding door is concealed at the inner circumfirance of the curved walls and is lockable via a hidden electro-mechanical bi-stable lock – which can be easily connect to your Building Management System. The internal sheild door provides design freedom in relation to the positioning of the door in the facade – meaning that is can be either completely inside, outside or mid-way.


User Security

The safety of users is of utmost importance, and together with the most advanced technology, we can achieve safety levels beyond that of any other revolving door product. This is achieved by adopting the latest highly accurate laser technology.

The Orbit TriSens is integrated with full face layered sensor fields that anticipate the user’s movement, ensuring smooth non-contact operation in the swiped area. Additional breakthrough safety is also integrated into the threshold area whereby the door wings are retracted to bypass lingering users, keeping the flow of pedestrian traffic intact, without the need to stop the door. These retractable sliding door wings also make the entrapment of objects avoidable.

Premium rubber safety rails (active and passive) respond appropriately and accurately to either physical force or obstacles or blockages in the path of operation. Both these SRB and SRS sensors stop the door within a swift time, ensuring little impact even in case of a last moment entry.


Wayfinding Lighting

One of the most distinguishing features of the Orbit TriSens is the entrance portal. This element creates an alluring entrance and intuitive wayfinding for those who are looking to enter or leave the building. The intuitive wayfinding is supported by using different colours of LEDs for the various operating modes. Green is go, red is no-go, blue is for accessibility and white, being a neutral colour, signifies ‘standard’ operating modes such as sliding or revolving mode.

The LED approach indicators on the side of the portal, both inside and outside, not only work with different colours but are also either static or moving, making wayfinding easy and natural for the user. In addition, inside the door, users receive clues about the current operating status that the door is in. The blue wheelchair symbol lights up when the accessibility mode is switched on, indicating which segment is suitable to use.

The Orbit TriSens not only offers intuitive use, but the design also caters for intuitive operation of the door. By working with the colours, static or moving LED lights, placement of the buttons and an easy-to-use LED touchscreen, an operator can instinctively find what they are looking for.

  • Birinci sınıf minimalist tasarım
  • Birden fazla çalışma modu sunan entegre kayar kapılar
  • Tam yükseklikte kavisli camlı kanatlar
  • LED aydınlatmalı tanınabilir giriş portalı
  • Kullanıcı akışını etkilemek için trafik sinyalizasyonu
  • “Yüzer” gölgelik
  • Camın etrafında dikişsiz bağlantılar
  • Gizli kapı üst korkulukları
  • Sorunsuz entegre dokunmatik kontrol paneli
  • Tavanda örtülü bir ızgara ile hava perdesi hazırlığı
  • Ayarlanabilir dairesel tavan aydınlatması
  • Entegre dahili koruma kapısı (gece kilitleme)



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