Security Doors

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3 or 4 wing revolving doors that provide controlled passage via manual or automatic high security access points without security guard

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They are high security doors, consisting of two single-wing curved sliding doors that allow only predefined users to pass through them individually.

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Highly aesthetic low to medium security products designed for entrance lobbies of modern buildings capable of handling high pedestrian traffic while providing Access Control of their users.

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MONADOR Automatic Door Systems Industry and Trade Inc., as Turkey and Turkish Republics regional sales-assembly-service center of BOON EDAM (Netherlands), offers the widest revolving door portfolio available in the world with its automatic, high capacity and security type doors and barriers. BOON EDAM is one of the world market leaders in the automatic revolving door sector that combines quality engineering with flexible design and complete customer support. Regardless of the scale and purpose, BOON EDAM designs can be adapted to provide almost any criterion. Our material finishing options can be diversified in a wide range from RAL etc. and powder paint made in international quality standards in the electrostatic paint facility in our factory to anodized coloring and high quality polished stainless steel with a mirror appearance.

The type of door to choose in order to create a highly secure building entrance is not an easy task. When making a good choice, you need to consider several factors. For example, the number of people entering, the desired security level, leakage sensitivity, disabled passage and panic exit… In short, many factors play an important role in making the right choice. We have different security entrance products under two categories: Security and High Security Products… Our security products; are used in areas where simple control of visitors under the supervision of a security guard. These products are generally used in business centers, building lobby entrances, swimming pools, entertainment parks etc. Our high security products are also used in places where more security is desired. These products are generally used in banks, offices and passages to sensitive areas where only authorized persons are allowed to enter. In this case, there is no need for the supervision of an official; because high security doors are physically impossible to pass by unauthorized persons. Each project, each situation contains different requirements, so Boon Edam offers many different solutions to suit your needs and increasing security levels.

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